To Keep or Not to Keep?

by Christine Leuthold

To Keep or Not to Keep?

As a brand evolves, this actually IS a critical question. By selectively keeping and letting go, you create space for your brand to evolve more effectively. The process involves insight, consideration and a view to the future.

Below are 4 things, personal and professional, that I chose to let go — and a set of experiences that that continue to influence me.

What about you? What can you let go of to strengthen your messaging, your core identity, your brand?

  • Where: I released a preconceived notion of what and where “home” was and now find myself very much at homeS, living in Los Angeles — as well as New York.
  • Who:  I also released my last name from my marriage and took back my maiden name, Leuthold. Though not as easy to pronounce, more important for me, it reflects my Swiss-American identity. That said, I kept Eisner too — but as my middle name, which honors an important part of my life — as well as my kids.
  • What:  Professionally, I let go of my company name a few years ago. This cleared the way for C Insight Group and the continued evolution of work in brand strategy and corporate culture. The rebranding process included creating a new logo and this website, with thanks to Matthew Eisner and others. Check it out here.   business_card2
  • How:  As a result of downsizing and a cross country move, I released my morning ‘zen laps’. These daily swims that started each day were where I percolated ideas. As it turns out, my place in Santa Monica has allowed me to reinstate my daily encounters with water, but in a new format consisting of views, walks and rollerblading.
  • When:  But not everything needs to go by the wayside.  Taking place at different times of the year, these happenings continue to be part of my work:
    • My spring visits to Esalen Institute in Big Sur have evolved into my position as Co-Director of the Esalen Inspirational Film Festival in May.
    • Two more keepers come from my long time affiliation with SCAD — The Savannah Film Festival  October and aTVFest in February where I am an active attendee and have presented awards and produced and moderated panels.  My SFF panel on Call-to-Action Content: Creating + Funding featured filmmakers and other luminaries in the documentary world. Another, at aTVfest, was a discussion with on-air personalities from Queer Eye and Trading Spaces on Brand Longevity and the Changing Media Landscape. Zolpidem Tartrate Mail Order Can You Really Buy Ambien Online Brand Name Ambien Online Buy Zolpidem Online Australia Can You Safely Buy Ambien Online