Connecting Silos, Niches and Buckets


by Christine Leuthold

We all have our home turf, our niche, our area of expertise…  One person’s eye might be on the detail, whereas another’s might be on the big picture.  It’s challenging to do both.  Most of us have 80% of our attention focused on our niche, whatever that may be.  The other 20% has an eye out for what might be — but without the focus, it’s hard to make things happen.

This is where an informed outside perspective can result in creative yet practical solutions that take advantage of existing resources.  We pride ourselves in providing just that. We focus our 80% on looking across an organization and beyond, so that we can add our thinking to your 20% in a way that finds opportunities to scale, expand and enrich.    

The tendency is to think, plan and build, and then move on. But when we  focus  attention on creating easy, fluid connections that connect departments, disciplines and individuals, change can happen in a way that creates connection across an organization.

So if you were to take stock right now, how well are your silos, niches and buckets linked to each other — and even more importantly — to your core vision?Dot