To Keep or Not to Keep? — Brand Strategy @ Work

Connecting Identity (Your “Who”) + Your “What, Where, How & When” = Growth

To keep or not to keep?  This is actually a critical question, and the answer is “yes” to both.  By selectively keeping and not keeping, space is opened up for new ideas, actions and results. Read on for 5 things, personal and professional, that I chose not to keep in 2015. I’ve been reaping the rewards ever since.

What about you?

  • My “Where”: I released a preconceived notion of what “home” was and now find myself very much at homes, living bicoastally in Los Angeles as well as New York.
  • My “Who”:  That same year,  I also released my last name and took back my maiden name, Leuthold. Though not as easy to pronounce, more important for me, it more prominently reflects my Swiss-American identity. That said, I kept Eisner too — but as my middle name, which honors an important part of my life — as well as my kids.
  • My “What”:  On a professional level, I also let go of my company name, which then cleared the way for a new one, C Insight Group, and my continued work in brand strategy, development and integration. The rebranding process included creating a new logo, thanks to Scott Carranza and launching, my website, with thanks also to Matthew Eisner and others. Please check it out, like and share it with others.   business_card2
  • My “How”:  As a result of downsizing a few years ago, I lost a treasured routine, my six ‘zen laps’. These gentle, early morning swims were actually how I would percolate ideas. As it turns out, my place in Santa Monica has allowed me to reinstate my daily encounters with water, but in a new format consisting of views, walks and rollerblading.
  • My “WhenS”:  Another keeper is SCAD, and two of their signature events, The Savannah Film Festival, every Oct/Nov and aTVFest, in Atlanta every February. Both bring the latest in design, creativity and innovation content creation. This year at SFF, I’ll be presenting and moderating a panel, Call-to-Action Content: Creating + Funding. Maybe I’ll see you there?!?