What We Do


Clients use the word “vigilant” to describe Founder and Creative Director Christine Leuthold in her efforts to create value through brand integration. She identifies and connects exactly the right people, programs and resources, resulting in aligned growth. By entwining core identity with the realities of implementation, success is inevitable.

  • Working closely with an organization’s leadership team, Christine first observes and then immerses herself in the internal systems of an organization, whether it be on a specific project or department or the organization as a whole.
  • With the insights gained, she articulates the organization’s core identity and then identifies specific tactics to reinforce brand messaging and direct it toward key stakeholders.
  • Stakeholders include existing, potential and past clients; staff; investors and advisors, donors and volunteers; the media; and the general public.


Recipient Private and Public Sector Organizations:

Consulting: How We Work

Christine assumes the role of keeper of the brand for clients. By participating in key meetings and communications, she identifies ways to energize untapped potential across the organization. The process is collaborative, cross-functional, and goal-driven. Her goal is to focus on an organization’s core identity and better connect it to its brand messaging to achieve positive growth. Often this can occur through outside talent and resources available through C Insight Group.

As the former Director of Public Relations for Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, Christine innovated a method for discerning the organization’s core identity and conveying its brand via multiple platforms. After establishing the connection, Christine orchestrated a series of unique philanthropic and cause-related marketing initiatives for the company. The resulting synergy led to the creation of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation.

Every organization has its own priorities, challenges and opportunities. Our goal is to deliver cohesive, streamlined messaging that impacts the bottom line. The customized scope of work might include:



  • Core Identity Statement – an articulation of the organization’s identity in its purest form
  • Brand Assessment – a review of the current brand, logo and culture, and how they are expressed across the organization and externally
  • Brand Messaging Tools – a customized set of tools (verbal, visual and experiential) that convey the core identity of the organization, both internally and externally, for more effective messaging on all fronts
  • Internal Brand Connection – a collaborative, cross-functional process that integrates day-to-day operations with the organization’s core identity and messaging tools for aligned growth
  • External Brand Partnerships & Connection – the discovery and development process of connecting the brand to new or existing partners, networks and initiatives to energize and extend the brand’s reach
  • Keeper of the Brand C Insight Group helps brands flourish through continued involvement in key initiatives as priorities shift and opportunities arise


Speaking: Experience. Discover. Learn.

Christine’s approach to brand acceleration helps leadership teams, clients and other stakeholders emerge with an entirely new approach to this critical element of organizational growth. Recognized for her easygoing style and blue chip credentials, she has succeeded in developing new approaches for understanding, discussing and implementing brand messaging in the private and public sectors.

Formats can be customized to meet the needs of your organization and can range from keynote  presentations, round table discussions, moderated panels or off-site retreats.

Sample Talk Topics:

  • Corporate Character Counts: What It Is & Why It Matters
  • Keeping Your Brand Up to Speed — When You’re Flying by the Seat of Your Pants
  • Identity Crisis: Do You Know Who You Are? (What About Everyone Else?)
  • The New Brand = Being a Great Company
  • Brand Alignment Bull’s Eyes & Ones that Missed the Mark
  • Brand Integration: Working With Your Staff Across Disciplines & Beyond
  • Starting Up or Starting Over: Branding Basics & Battle Stories

Christine as Your Speaker



Everyone works differently, and we get that.  Clients work with us on a retainer or project basis, based upon a defined scope of work.

An initial consultation with Christine can be focused on a pre-determined project or with her as an attendee of a more general meeting, followed up by her recommendations for areas of engagement.