Brand Integration – A Multi-Dimensional Approach


by Christine Leuthold

We all have our own personal way of approaching life, whether we are conscious of it or not. A way of life that we have developed as a result of our own shared experiences over time. C Insight Group does too. Our approach, which stems from my own life, centers on balance and uses the 5 dimensions to enrich and expand the core identity that is the essence of any person, community or organization.

When I explain my cross-disciplinary approach to lifestyle design, whether it is the lifestyle of a company or a person, I often say that I slice my bread horizontally. By that, I mean that I move across silos and disciplines to create connections that reinforce each other. Aesop had a fable about sticks. Taken individually, each stick was easily snapped in two, but when bundled together, they possessed a strength that couldn’t be penetrated… That’s what I’m talking about.

Every organization has the potential to operate at a higher level of effectiveness by creating intentional connections between that root identity and reality. That reality is made up of brand, physical environment, employees, customers, an evolving mission statement, and ultimately the legacy that carries into the future.

The approach used by C Insight Group is solidly based on tapping into these intentional connections. In looking at this from a different perspective, I connect this to the 5 dimensions.

  •  The 0 dimension is the POINT in time or in space. It is point of origin. The vision, the who or what you are deep down… as a person, an organization, a community, an initiative. I see it as the starting point, the heart, the essence, the concept. Ideally, everything emanates from this, with minimal distractions (but that’s often easier said than done.)
  • The 1st dimension is the LINE, made up of an infinite number of points. Like an arrow, it leads you from that starting point into the future. Think of it as the vision, the dream, the ‘true North’. For organizations, this might look like a mission statement, though all too often, these carefully-crafted phrases end up memorialized in print, only to end up on a shelf gathering dust. A line is crystal clear, pointing to a path forward.
  • The 2nd dimension is the PLANE, made up of an infinite number of lines that have yet to take full shape. This is the present, the drawing board, the blueprint, the intentional thought and planning process required for the vision to take shape. This is where thought begins to merge with action.
  • The 3rd dimension is the SOLID, made up of an infinite number of planes. Ironically, this is said to be the domain of the past. And actually, it is, because, just like those mission statements, the minute something is realized, built, done, it becomes part of the past. The challenge is to keep the reality that surrounds us in sync with our heart… and our heart’s desire, our dreams, which brings us to change and how time can affect this third dimension, ideally for the better. In other words, transition.
  •  The 4th dimension is TIME, the domain of change and growth. This is where cross-disciplinary practices become the tools for keeping our 3D current with our hearts and our vision. This is where we can assure the relevance of our lifestyles, personal or organizational, so that like Aesop’s bundle of sticks, lifestyle becomes the reinforcer of the first 3 dimensions… and visa versa.

The tendency is to think, plan and build, and then move on. In my work with clients and in my own life, I focus the attention and transformation on creating easy, fluid connections that align with that point of origin, that root identity. That way, changes are more easily adopted and lasting.

So if you were to take stock right now, how well are you and your organization linked to your zero dimension, your vision?Dot