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Google – In Search for the “Perfect Team”

imageHere’s a link  to an interesting article written by Pulitizer Prize-winning reporter for The New York Times , Charles Duhigg that  appeared on February 25th about Google’s attempts, through their Project Aristotle, to pinpoint the traits of working groups that thrive versus those that falter. Ironically, their conclusion boils down to what they call “psychological safety“, rather than leadership styles, IQ, group size, gender makeup, meeting frequency or camadarie.

In thinking more about this, I believe that our effectiveness is ALL about authenticity and being “true” and comfortable as individuals as well as within the communities and organizations we place ourselves. And that can look very different for one person or group versus others.

When we place ourselves in situations that encourage authenticity (in Google-speak, psychological safety), our ideas, actions, projects and relationships flow… like smooth skiing in optimal conditions, when even on the toughest terrain, obstacles seem to magically vanish. When we feel constrained, disrespected or “less than” who we know ourselves to be, it’s like sitting on a stool, with one leg too short. We are compelled to divert our positive energy just to stay in balance. Going back to the skiing analogy, we have to focus on the trees instead of on the space between them.

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I hope it inspires you to look at your world in a different way.